How to Find a Luge Coach

Luge is one of the most difficult sports and requires a lot of tough training. At present, there are mainly three international events of luge which are held at the Olympics every year which include Men’s singles,, Men’s doubles, Women’s singles. However, in the next year Team Relay will also be included in the Olympic disciplines.

If you want to become a good luge player, you must acquire a coach who will provide you the necessary and essential guidelines to compete well with your rivals. Finding a coach for luge is quite a difficult task as compared to other sports, but you can take help from the given steps.


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    Select the country or state

    First of all, you have to select the country or state in which you intend to train yourself. Most of all countries don’t have the tracks for luge and if you live in any such place, you will have to move to the one which has the formal training centres for the sport.

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    Make a list of all the coaches

    It is extremely important for you to make a list of all the coaches who provide their services for luge players. Try to include the coaches who are currently assisting the luge players. However, you can also include the coaches who are providing no more training, but have earned some good reputation in the past.

  • 3

    Study the background of the coaches

    After making the list of all the coaches, you must study their backgrounds well. See their achievements and relationships with the athletes. It will be better for you to conduct a thorough research on the coaches e.g. how they are as persons, how they behave with their families and how they behave in public. You must know as much as you can about the coaches as you will spend most of your time with one in the future and your success in the sport will largely depend on your training.

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    Shortlist the coaches

    After conducting some research, you will be able to shortlist potential coaches who fit your requirements. Then, make few appointments with the shortlisted coaches. You should make all the appointments on one or two days so as to save your time.

  • 5

    Discuss your strengths and weaknesses briefly

    You must discuss your strengths and weaknesses with different coaches during your meetings. Seek their advice and find out whose advice is best for you.

  • 6

    Select the right coach

    Just select your favourite coach by evaluating the shortlisted coaches after having discussions with them.

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