How to Find a New Job Using Linkedin

There are several job portals available on the internet and recruiters not only browse through those online job websites but also skim through several blogs, forums and social media networking websites and LinkedIn is at the top of the list.

In fact, it is currently the best resource of letting the employers know about your testimonials, talents and interests.

The social media website has huge following and spreads across the globe in over 200 countries with a subscriber base of 35 million.

One member joins the community approximately every second and senior executives of numerous top businesses around the world have their complete resume uploaded on Linkedin with details of their current jobs, responsibilities, roles, previous work experiences, education and business network information.

The use of computer and internet has changed the entire recruitment criteria and most of the employers have quit the conventional hiring methods and have switched to online methods for finding right candidates.


  • 1

    Update your Profile

    To start your search  for a job on  Linkedin you need to update your profile on the website. Use a professional display picture, set your preference and past work experiences.

  • 2

    Grow your network

    You need to grow your network as fast as you can and for that, it is suggested to invite all your current and previous friends, colleagues in your networks, start your own group, join different other groups join discussions and create polls.

  • 3

    Get more recommendations

    You should try and get more recommendations to your Linkedin resume, which will build a higher trust for your profile. The best way to receive a recommendation is by sending a request to your friend, co-worker, clients or immediate boss. However, if you are in a management position, it is recommended to get a profile feedback on your leadership or team handling qualities.

  • 4

    Return the favour

    Also, do not forget to return the favour by writing testimonials for your co-workers and clients on their Linkedin profiles, as it will eventually strengthen your trust bond.

  • 5

    Search and shortlist your preferences

    Once you have successfully completed your profile along with a few recommendations, the next step is to search for people who are already working in the field of your interest and note down the names of the organisation they are working for. Also, find out the skill sets they posses while working for those firms.

  • 6

    Do a Google Search

    Once you have shortlisted the companies and the skills required by them, search those businesses on Google and find out if they are recruiting.

  • 7

    Locate Appropriate Person

    If you have succeeded to find a job of your interest, the next step is to find out, who is working in that organisation from your network and request them to pass on your resume. More often than not, a resume forwarded by a co-worker gets more attention.

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