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One of the trickiest things we’ve encountered was something as simple as finding parking on the streets of Dubai. When you are parking your vehicle in Dubai you need to pay attention for the nearest orange parking signs, indicating that it is a parking zone.

You can also park on the side streets as it is allowed, but you must also pay an hourly fee. Fees are charge by the hour and can be made in dirham coins. Thank god for his highness sheikh Mohammed bin Rasheed Al Maktoum, vice president of the UAE and supreme ruler of Dubai, for introducing us to the Mparking system. The Dubai RTA (roads and transport authority) which launched the Mparking system makes it much easier to park in Dubai it allows the residents and visitors from other emirates to pay for public parking via SMS from their Etisalat or Du mobile phones.

This state of the art tech is much more convenient compared to walking around with a bunch of coins in your pocket and running to the meter every hour.  With the implementation of this service you never have to run to the meter again and can renew your time in 20 seconds. Vehicles registered in Dubai can use the service instantly and vehicles not registered in Dubai are required to sign-up first at the Mparking website.


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    Make sure to park in the parking zones with the orange signs, carry a bunch of dirham coins and be sure to park close enough to your ultimate destination so you can run back and forth from the meter if you’re going to be parking for longer than an hour at time. Alternatively, you can sign up for the Mparking service which we will explain in step 2.

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    To register for the Mparking system which allows you to pay for parking via SMS from any Etisalat or Du mobile phone click here.

    Dubai registered vehicle owners may also sign-up on the mparking website. You can quickly fill in your details and grab yourself short names which will make the process even quicker and more convenient.

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    Some tips for working your way through Dubai:

    a) Locate public parking arenas, and look for the parking sign with zoning.

    b) The number is always located at the direct bottom of the parking sign.

    c) Sounds simple enough but pre-determine how long you will need to park for.

    d) Keep your plate number handy to input unless you have signed up for the Mparking website, which lets you use your vehicles short name. Once again, for Mparking go back to STEP 2.

    e) Send a new SMS to 7275 (park) from any of your Etisalat or Du mobile phones.

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