How to Find State Assistance to Prevent Foreclosure

If you are facing an imminent foreclosure because you have missed quite a few of your monthly mortgage payments, consider seeking the state government’s assistance to help you avoid the foreclosure. There are numerous ways in which your state’s government may help you avoid a home foreclosure. However, it is important that you must have an intention to keep up with your mortgage payments because if your intentions are not good, no one will be able to help you out. Here is how you can find state assistance to prevent your home from being foreclosed.


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    You first stop should be the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in your state. Apart from various other responsibilities, HUD is responsible to help out homeowners faced with the risk of home foreclosure. Visit the official HUD website to find out how you can contact the HUD office in your state.

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    Urban League is a non-profit organisation which provides counselling to homeowners facing imminent home foreclosure. Contact the Urban League office in your area and explain your situation to the Urban League counsellor. If you do not know where the Urban League office in your area is, visit the official Urban League website for directions.

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    Your state’s Attorney General's Office may be able to mediate between you and your lender in order to get the lender to make changes to the mortgage agreement so that you can keep current on your payments. Contact the Attorney General's Office in your state and see if they have such a program or not. You can get the contact details for Attorney General's Office in your state from the National Association of Attorneys General official website.

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    Contact a local Family Independence Agency office. Explain your situation and see if you are eligible for state aid or not. Chances are that you will get state aid in terms of food stamps and energy costs. This way you can save the money that you would have otherwise spent in order to buy food for your family or pay the energy bills of your home. Save as much money as you possibly can so that by the end of the month, you will have enough money to make the mortgage payment.

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