How to Find the Best Bagel in Town

Having a warm bagel with some hot coffee in the morning is something many people do for breakfast especially those that have to rush off to work early. Most of us just do not have the time to make a decent breakfast and instead we reach for a bagel. You can buy bagels almost anywhere, from supermarkets to the local bakery, as no matter where you look there is really no shortage. However, if you are looking for the best bagel in town then there are a few very simple techniques that you can use to help you.


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    Ask around:

    Talk to your friends and family members to find where to find the best bagel in town. If they are a little older and enjoy a good bagel then they will definitely be able to help you out. Remember that everyone has his or her own taste when it comes to bagels, so unless you get a chance to actually go to their recommendations and try it, can you make a final judgment on whether the bagel is the best in town.

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    Go to the supermarket:

    Go to your nearest supermarket and check out the bakery section. Here you will find a huge selection of different bagels. Although most of these will be your standard commercial bagels which are probably made in some huge factory and shipped across the country, there are some very nice ones as well. Talk to the person in charge of the bakery and ask them which bagel sells the most. They will definitely let you know which bagel sells off early and you can then determine that this one is probably the best.

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    Find local bakery:

    Look around where you live for a small family run bakery. Here you will find an excellent selection of baked goods which are all carefully made by hand. Buy different fresh bagels from this bakery and try them out. You will find that the bagels that are fresh from the small bakery are a whole lot better than the commercial ones at the supermarket.

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    Check food reviews:

    Have a look at the food reviews in different newspapers and you might find a bagel shop that people consider to be the best in town. Make sure you visit that place and try one.

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    Go online:

    Go online and you will find various forums and sites dedicated to helping you find the best bagel in town. The best part is that each bakery or shop will have a customer rating or review which you can glance at and get a general idea if the place is worth visiting or not.

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