How to Find Unbiased News

There is no doubt that the recent sources of news like television, radio, internet and newspapers have enabled everyone to get the latest information in minimum time and effort. However, they are also the sources of misinformation to some extent. Sometimes, they are used as propaganda tools and that makes it difficult for you to determine whether the news is original or fabricated.

Unfortunately, some believe in “making” news if they cannot “find” news so you must be literate enough to find out whether the news item is unbiased or not. Do not worry as you can do this by following a couple of simple tips.


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    Check multiple sources:

    The most common mistake people make is to rely on a single source of information. They do not bother to check other sources and this make it impossible for them to validate the authenticity of news. Cross-checking is essential to find unbiased news. Today, social networking websites have enabled everyone to post anything and this has given birth to a flood of information and misinformation. You should check all news sources like television, radio, online news agencies and papers.

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    Look for the facts, not opinion:

    To find unbiased news, you must be able to differentiate between facts and opinion. Most of the time, the propagandists mingle the correct information with their personal opinion and try to influence their readers. Do not follow someone blindly. You should try to read between the lines as this will really help you to determine the genuineness of that news.

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    Look for the relevancy:

    Making connections between apparently irrelevant things is another technique of biased media personalities. You should keep in mind the topic of discussion and do not allow the columnist or anchor to confuse you with a load of information. Check whether every sentence is relevant to the topic or not.

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    Find out journalist’s ideology:

    Before reading the news, you should do some research about the person who has filed this news. Try to find out the writer’s ideology. Make sure the journalist does not have any political or financial affiliations as these things force a person to present a prejudiced point of view.

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    Check the credibility of news source:

    You must not believe everything that is printed or running on a television screen. Check the credibility of the news source and ultimately this will help you in finding unbiased news.

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