How to Find Your Skin Tone

The colour or hue of your skin is termed as its tone. It can be found out by the number and size of blood vessels that are closest to your skin’s surface. In addition to this, you can determine your skin tone by the type and amount of melanin in your skin. Keep in mind that skin colours vary from person to person. It is strongly recommended to find out the tone of your skin in order to pick the right cosmetics, clothing and hair colouring for yourself. You do not need to worry much though, as by following simple guidelines, you can find out your skin tone.

Things Required:

– Water
– Facial cleanser
– Towel
– Mirror
– White paper
– Gold foil
– Silver foil


  • 1

    Wash your face

    First you need to clean your skin from all sorts of makeup and impurities. For this purpose you need to wash your face. Wash it with help of warm water and a facial cleanser. Then you need to dab a towel on your face to dry it. Avoid rubbing the towel or applying any moisturiser/toner. This is to prevent red flush on your skin which will make it harder for you to determine the tone of your skin.

  • 2

    Wait few minutes

    You need to wait for almost 15 minutes in order to dry the face completely. Through this you will also recover from the mild water and your skin will eventually reach its natural state.

  • 3

    Stand in front of a mirror

    After waiting for 15 minutes, you need to stand in front of a mirror. Remember to stand in an area which is full of natural light. This is because shadows and articial light affects the look of the skin tone.

  • 4

    Figure out the tone of your skin

    Now you need to find out whether your skin tone is warm or cool. There are different ways to find that e.g. white paper method, behind the ear method and gold or silver foil method.

    For white paper method, you need to place a white paper to your face and take notes of your skin tone. In case it seems yellow or golden, you have a warm skin colour. If your skin appears pinkish, you have a cool tone.

    For behind the ear method, you need assistance. Let the person pull your ear forward and see the ear in natural light. That person will be able to identify yellowish or pinkish hue behind your ear, and that will determine your tone, warm or cold respectively.

    In the last method, you need to place a gold foil and then a silver foil to your face in order to find out your skin tone. Your skin will glow with the right type of foil. Remember that if your skin glows with gold foil, you have a warm tone and if your skin glows with silver foil, you have a cool tone.

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