How to Fit in When Visiting London

London is a metropolitan city in its true sense, with people and tourists coming from diversified backgrounds to get a taste of the London life, including the economic and academic opportunities it provides. Regardless, as an outsider, it can become quite difficult to settle down in a new city, whether you are visiting as a tourist or somebody who has made the city his abode for some time.  But there are a few easy characteristics you can adapt to fit in, when visiting London, as well as any of the other British ‘mates’.


  • 1

    Keep a check on your attitude.

    Imagine a guest coming in your house, and while you greet him with open arms, he shouts, screams and complains. Well, that’s exactly how the Londoners are going to feel if you’re going to be rude to them. It would be wise to be courteous and use phrases like, “Sorry,” “Thank you,” and “Please.”

  • 2

    Dress like a Londener.

    Nothing would scream the fact that somebody is a tourist more than them wearing shorts and hanging a camera around their neck. But as they say, “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do!”

  • 3

    Learn their ‘lingo.’

    Using the local slang words is an excellent idea to fit in with the crowd. “Ini’t so, chaps?” Yes, it certainly is.

  • 4

    Keep a map.

    When travelling, learn the basic routes, and the ways in which you can use buses/metros. Don’t end up being lost in an unacquainted country.

  • 5

    Visit places where the locals go.

    As a tourist, you may want to go to places that boast of breath-taking beauty or are built for tourism purposes. But London life in its true sense can only be experienced if places where the locals go are visit.

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