How to Fix the Color Spot on Your TV

At times, shaded and colored areas may appear on your TV. These color spots can be very annoying and affect the picture quality significantly. There are however several things that you can try to take care of shaded areas on your TV.

You will be required to follow some simple tips and techniques detailed in this article. You may also want to go through the user manual, which comes along when you purchase a TV.


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    Before doing anything else you will need to determine the cause of color spots appearing on your television set. Once you have done that, verify that all connections between your TV and the power source are correct and functioning properly. Stiffen all cable connections to the TV. It is recommended to make sure the power cable is plugged in the slot correctly.

    Confirm that the cable/antenna wall terminal connected to the wires outside are tightened. Contact your satellite television or wire company to substitute old or broken wires.

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    Check the channel auto-tuner operation to see if it is functioning rightly. If this is not the case, you may have to replace your TV’s motherboard kit. Press the "Menu" key on the controller device and use the pointer control buttons to make your choices. Choose "Auto Receiver Setup" then select "Cord" or "Cable", depending on the manufacturer of your TV. Choose "Start" and hang on until the screening process is completed.

    The scan process usually takes about 5 to 10 minutes. Be patient when performing this task. Make reference to your TV customer's guide for specific guidelines on accessing the channel/programme automatic tuner operation for your TV set.

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    Rearrange the aerial if your TV still shows shaded regions. Lower or increase the aerial, and set it at a different position until colored areas vanish completely. Replace the aerial with one that has a more powerful receiving capacity.

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    Consider moving close by electric equipment to another room. Normally telecommunication equipment tend to disrupt the picture quality. If you are using a mobile phone in the vicinity of the television, and the shaded spots appear, do not be alarmed. Just complete your call, or disconnect it, and see whether the color spots vanquish ot not. If they don't then you need to hire an expert, preferrably someone from the manufacturing company.

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