How to Follow Formula One Racer

Roaring engines, zooming cars, slick cuts, and fearsome rivalries. That is something which comes into mind when you talk about Formula one, one of the most exciting sports, which millions of people across the globe follow with craze.

There have been some legendary drivers in this sport, who have dictated terms whenever they got behind the wheels. Arguably the greatest ever in history was Michael Schumacher, who won a record seven world titles.  Although the veteran German retired from the sport last year, there are still some extremely talented drivers who currently rule the racing circuits across the globe.  And if you are a fan of these daredevils, you can keep a track of their progress and achievement very easily.


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    Know your favourite driver

    Firstly, you need to be fully aware of your idol’s achievements. Therefore, search about him and know how he made it to the pinnacle of motorsports. For example, if you follow Schumacher, you should be aware of the hard work he did at Jordan and Benetton, before moving to Ferrari and winning five consecutive titles. Moreover, you should know about the struggles he endured with Mercedes, after his comeback to Formula one. This will increase your passion about the driver and the sport.

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    Follow your idol on Twitter and Facebook

    Social networking websites have made it quite easy to follow the latest news related to our heroes. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, just join the page of your hero and you will stay updated about him. You can also join various groups which focus on Formula one.  However, make sure that you are following the right person as there are quite a few fake accounts on these social networking websites.

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    Visit the official Formula one website

    You can visit the official Formula one website in order to get the latest details about your favourite drivers. Simply log onto and you will see different tabs on top of the page. One of those tabs will be ‘Teams & Drivers. Click on that to find out information about all drivers.

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    Follow the season

    Make sure, you follow all the important events during the regular season, especially the race weekends in order to stay updated about the performance of your hero.

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    Witness live action

    Throughout the year, Formula one races are held in different parts of the world. Whenever you get a chance, witness the action live as that will be the best way of meeting your hero in person.

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