How to Follow Tennis Table Rules

Table tennis has become a very popular game across the world in these days and more and more people are getting in to the game for the sake of learning the game. The game has received some global recognition and more and more players are taking up to the prospect of learning the game through a tutor or even all by themselves. If a person decides to learn the game of table tennis by the tutor then it may well turn out to be a costly experience hence one must go for himself.


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    The game is very simple and is controlled by a certain set of rules that can be very easy to learn over the course of the time period in which one decides to learn and play the game. The rules are very simple and are pretty player friendly as they are very easy to remember. In case one wants to play the game at the top level then learning it from a tutor is must as only he can bring out the best from a player who wishes to pursue the game further at a stage where he can earn global fame. However, learning for the sake of fun is much easier and requires less hard-work and can be a source of more fun and entertainment than the above mentioned prospect of taking it up to the highest level. The rules of the game are very simple and are described as under and are simple as anything. The first rule of the game is that either the game has to be played in a manner of double players or single players.

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    In the single player option, the game is played between just two players. Each of the players stands on one side of the table and the game begins. The second major rule is that in the serves category, the player has to send the ball in both the courts with a tip in his own court first and then in the opposition’s court. Serves are distributed in the two players and if the game is a ten point game then the serve changes after two attempts for each of the player.

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    The major rule is that unlike other games, in this fast game, the points are appointed to the player on every miss or gain. And the game is a 10 point game in a single player clash whereas in a 2 player clash the game is of 20 points.

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