How to Frame a Basement Wall with a Window

You are building a house with a basement and there is no reason that you would not want a window in the basement which is a crucial factor as basement is built but digging the soil down. All sides of a basement are occupied with either another basement or mud. Hence, finding a method to create a room for window is a technical task which requires some know-how of construction methods. You can establish an exterior wall to control the temperature in the basement but that will not allow you to let the fresh air in. Moreover, insulating with an interior wall will require you to frame a window in the basement. You must have some sort of experience of construction to accomplish the goal otherwise you should hire a professional to do that particular task for you which is the critical of all. However, you can do the basic homework to evaluate the positioning and dimension of the window.


  • 1

    Measure the length of the window frame to evaluate the amount of lumber required for the production. A standard wall is almost 8’ so that means you exterior wall must be at least twice as the standard wall divided by eight.  You would need the lumber equal to the four times of the amount calculated before. So, this step has helped you calculate the amount of lumber required for the window.

  • 2

    Place a mark at the point of 16’ from the top and bottom plate’s marker of the tape measure. Remember, both sides should be even.

  • 3

    At the bottom plate of the window, you need to attach the stud so that it doesn’t fall down. The marked spot will guide you throughout so don’t worry about the direction. You can use studs of 16 penny nails of 2” screws and make sure they go through the plate and fix in the wall otherwise the damage will be inevitable if not enough care is taken. Same phenomenon should be applied to the other end stud. A squared eight by eight window should be in front of you with top and bottom plates fixed carefully.

  • 4

    Cut the window frame as per the measurement made in the prior steps. Install the frame when it is ready.

  • 5

    The frame of the wall should be connected to the floor and must be parallel with the exterior wall for precautionary measures.

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