How to Frame a Canvas Painting Yourself

Canvas is one of the most used mediums to make paintings and to print photos on. It is one of the tougher materials that last a very long time and has been in use for centuries. The use, however, has become more commonplace in the last few decades due to its resilience.

The use of canvas is an excellent choice to save your memories. If you can frame it, some of your best moments can be hanging on your wall providing you with joy. Doing this yourself is very easy and does not require a great deal of skill.


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    Purchase a Frame

    The first thing that you need to do is to purchase a frame according to the size of the print that you have with you. Make sure that you get one of appropriate size as having a slightly bigger size will make it look bad and in case of a smaller frame, it will just not fit. Also, keep in mind the sizes in which the frames are available if you are getting it printed yourself and make sure that you get the canvas printed in the right size for which a frame will generally be available.

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    Purchase Clips

    The next thing that you need to do is to purchase clips to hold the canvas in place in the frame. These are available in most general stores and should be placed in the section that deals with photography and frames. A pack of four is generally sufficient unless the size of the canvas is very large. One clip on each side should do the job just fine.

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    Place the Canvas in Frame

    Afterwards, place the canvas inside the frame. Some frames will have a tighter fit than others and make sure that it rests on the inner parts of the frame. Do make sure that you do not damage the picture or the painting on the canvas while you complete this task.

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    Put Clips On

    Put the clips on the canvas so that it is attached to the frame. Push down the straight end of these clips between the canvas and the frame and then secure it by pulling the other end over and around the stretch bar. Your painting or picture is in place and secured.

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