Freezing the Marinated Meat

Summer season is also known as grilling season around the world. Several people actually enjoy this time as they get to take out their grills in order to grill some meat. Nothing quite beats the joy of being outdoors in order to enjoy a wonderful evening while you are barbecuing a perfectly marinated steak, chicken or even ribs.

At times people consume their meat after they have kept it frozen for a long time. You need to understand how you have to freeze the marinated meat in such a way that whenever you plan on consuming it, it tastes delicious and remains healthy for you as well.

Scroll down and see how it is possible for you to freeze marinated meat so that later it remains delicious and healthy.


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    Once Your Meat is Marinated

    Once you have properly marinated the meat to your taste, it's time to figure out how much you will be freezing. You will need good zipper-type freezer bags for the meat. Place a good amount of meat in each bag as needed. The more meat that is in there with the marinade, the less room there is for air in the bag.

    Air near your meat or other freezer items has a big hand in causing freezer burn. Try to rid the bag of as much air as possible by pressing it out of the bag with the palm of your hand.

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    The first thing that has to be mentioned is that you should  attempt at all costs to never re-freeze meat. Freezing causes a lack of moisture, which can seriously effect your meat when repeated.

    Place your bags of meat in the freezer. You can try marking the bags with a marker in order to indicate the date.

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    Defrosting your meat properly is absolutely critical to the entire process. The defrosting process should occur in your fridge or by submerging the freezer bag in cold water. If opting for the later, be sure to change the cold water every 30 minutes or so.

    Never defrost meat at room temperature for sanitary reasons. Good things take time. I suggest placing the bag in the fridge in the morning and cooking the meat in the evening.

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    Cook and Enjoy

    It is now time to prepare and enjoy your delicious creation. Allowing the meat to defrost slowly also ensures that the marinade has time to do it's work. Marinating and freezing can be a wonderful strategy, and we hope you enjoy your meal.

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