How to Get a Loan to Open A Bar

No business can flourish without a lucrative investment in its starting up stages. There are numerous problems one needs to tackle in the form of expenses. Business men usually seek the help of agencies willing to invest their money in the business. As far as opening a bar is concerned there are a variety of aspects one needs to analyze before pursuing with the idea. The renting of the bar, the purchasing space, hiring of staff, inventory and the idea to be brought to life, require relentless efforts and a hefty sum of money. Grants and loans are some options for you to consider if you are planning to open a bar. Although business is a highly unpredictable domain, lenders still invest their money.


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    No business can come to life if there is not a proper business plan. A good business plan could result in a decent business, but a haphazard, and a highly unprofessional business plan usually results in a business failure. While making the business plan there are a few aspects that should be mentioned, the cost of the venture. Opening a bar is no cup of tea and requires a huge investment. Therefore the cost should be analyzed. The expenses of the inventory, the licensing of liquor and the hiring of staff should be mentioned in the plan.

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    Before opting to take the loan, you should apply for a grant. Your loan approval is more or less dependent on your credit worthiness. The lenders have to see whether the business will kick off after the initial amounts are covered, or will it collapse and seek further loans. Grants differ from state to state and one can find the state grant from the official state website.

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    Government grants can be accessed on the website Choose the option of “find grant opportunities” from the menu on the left side of the page. You can find the information regarding the grants that are offered for people interested in opening a bar. After choosing the grant, click on the “application” option from the top right-menu.

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    After taking a print-out of the application, complete it by attaching the required forms. As the community factor holds its importance, you will have to state the reasons that might add up to the welfare of the community. If the bar is to be opened in a place where there is scarcity of the bars, the grant is more likely to be encouraged and the chances of an approval will increase.

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