How to Get a Travel Agent Career

Travel agent is a type of work that seems easy and sounds glamorous but it is a very tough job and requires great amount of multi tasking, attention to small details and willingness to travel all around the world. One of the most important things required for a travel agent is that you should have the desire to travel, as combining your passion with work is one of the best ways to succeed in any job.

To distinguish yourself from the less professional travel agents in market, you will have to get a professional travel agent’s license.


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    Decide if you want to go for travel agent early in school life so that you can develop the skills required for the job of a travel agent at a young age. The minimum academic requirement of almost all firms that hire travel agents is graduation. Get enrolled in a reputable university and select courses related to travelling and geography.

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    In the course of your studies take extra workshops related to travelling and the etiquettes of dealing with people of different nationalities. This will form great resume material when applying for the position of travel agent later in your career.

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    Try to do as much travelling as you can. Though it is not the requirement for travel agents, but it will certainly help you gain the valuable travel experience, which will certainly come in handy when applying to big travelling agencies.

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    You can also go for a Masters program in travelling and tourism if you want academics to be stand out point of your resume. A specialization in geography or in some foreign language is also a plus for any travel student wishing to become a travel agent. A number of schools have student exchange programs that send pupils to foreign countries to learn about their culture, and they are a good learning experience for future travel agents.

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    If you cannot afford a university there is nothing to panic, you can get enrolled in a Travel institute to get a certified travelling associate certification. Use internet to identify travel schools near to your area and register online. There will be an online test to gauge your basic knowledge about travelling.

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    Complete all the requirements of the certification and pass it with flying colours. You will be required to pass the TAP test before you can call yourself a travel associate.

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