How to Get a TV License in London

In London it is necessary to buy a license for owning a television and watching or else you will not be given the permission of television reception. This public broadcasting receives funds from the hypothecation tax and the permission of the transmission is only granted when these funds are paid. Well there is not as such age limit to apply for television license, but yes the government of London does offer different discount packages for the senior and special citizens. A person who is aged 75 or above is allowed to acquire free license for television and same offer is for the citizens of London who are blind.  Even if the senior citizen lives in an old house the offer of free license is still open for them.


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    For the convenience of Londoners the government has also introduced the free online application of television license, but the charges of license are applied. You will need a credit card in order to buy your license. In the online service you can also pay your annual license fee or monthly. In order to buy a license through online service then you can take help from Online Buy Your Television License.

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    Make sure you start the procedure of application by having all the required documents present with you like your identity card, marraige certificate, birth certificate and your debit or VISA card.

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    While filling the form you will be asked whether you wish to receive your license by post or online, along with your age and if you are in the category of senior citizens of special ones.

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    Step by step you will be asked to provide your contact number along with your email or residential address.

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    In the end after providing them with the debit card number and the fixed amount of money you will be told the date when you can receive your license.

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    In the similar procedure if you wish to take benefit from the offers which they have for special and senior citizens you can do that as well but for that you will have to provide them with few documents for proof.

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    If you wish to apply through a post then you will have to visit a post office in London where you can conveniently reach. You can find the exact location from Post Offices in London. Make sure you bring your documents, along with your debit card.

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    You will be asked to fill in a form and in the end you will have to sign an electronic pad. The authority will let you know that when you will be able receive your license by post on the address which you have provided.

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