How to Get Abs in a Week

If you decide to get great abs in just seven days, it’s necessary to have a lean body with low fat percentage to start with. If you meet this condition, then a week long diet schedule, cardiovascular exercise and abdominal workout will help you acquire a good shape within the given time frame. Follow the guidelines mentioned below for good results.


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    Start dieting

    Revise your diet thoroughly for a brief period of time. Even if you exercise 24 hours a day you will not reduce the fat around your abs. Therefore, you need to eliminate fat through diet as it is the most effective measure. Burn all carbohydrates in your food intake during the week, except for breakfast, and substitute them with protein. This will reduce your total caloric intake, aiding your body to eliminate fat, and help your abdominal muscles with the right amount of protein to increase and recover. Do not fret over the fat in protein sources.

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    Exercise regularly

    Do cardiovascular activity for around 30 minutes every day for seven days. If you can, then raise the time to an hour a day. Select an exercise that will easily raise your heart beat for the duration of the workout. If you are able, choose an activity that you like as well, and then you will be able to do it every day. This routine will burn your fat and excess calories, and also improve your metabolism which will in effect burn fat even more.

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    Perform crunches

    Plan three sessions of direct abdominal workout during the seven days. For each program, schedule the following exercises, each of which has been proved to be crucially more efficient than the usual crunch in provoking activity in the abdominal muscles: captain’s chair, exercise ball, bicycle crunch and vertical leg crunch. For any of these given activities, make sure you perform two sets of as many repetitions as you can do without losing good form. Follow this routine with a break for between 90 seconds to two minutes between each exercise.

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    As you only have a week, short-term tricks can work for you. If you get a tan, then you will have a better chance to make your muscles more prominent. On the last day, drink coffee in the morning because caffeine acts as a diuretic and it will burn water in your abdominal giving you a great look. Also consult a health doctor before starting any kind of diet or exercise.

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