How to Get Around Without a Driver\’s License

You do not always need a driver’s license to travel. If you are still not eligible for a license or in case you need to give it up, there are still ways to travel.


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    Walk as much as you can

    An efficient way to get around without a driver’s license would be to walk to your destination. If the distance is short and you can walk to your destination, go for the challenge. This will save you some money  and will also provide you a source of exercise. If you walk to your office daily, do that in joggers. You can change them after reaching the workplace.

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    Use public transport

    Another option would be to use the bus. You can easily get the schedule of different buses which can help you reach your destination in time. You can reach any part of the city or travel out of the city as well on public transport.

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    Most of the major cities have subways. You can use them to reach your destination fairly quickly by using a small amount of money. You just need to get to your required station and take the train or the subway.

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    Buy a bicycle

    One of the cheaper ways would be to buy a bicycle. This is extremely effective if you need to go to places that are not far away and you will certainly not need a driver’s license for that. You will also have a cargo basket to keep groceries or other stuff during your travel.

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    Even if you do not have a driver’s license, you can still share a ride with a friend or a family member and contribute for gas instead. In this way, another person will drive and you can get help by just contributing a certain amount of money.

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