How to Get Baby to Sleep

Getting a baby to fall asleep is one the first things parents must acquaint themselves with, along with being able to wake up at odd hours and changing diapers. However, putting a baby into a state of relaxed sleep is something that not only helps the baby find some peace but also the parents.

The thing to remember is that the baby does not believe in democracy at this time, so do not beg or ask it kindly. At the same time that is not excuse for becoming frustrated either as all the baby can see are blurry shapes and smell that horrible cologne that the parent has on. You know who you are.

There are a number of ways to put a baby to sleep and here are some of the more effective ones.


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    Putting on a documentary on the television is a surefire way of putting a baby to sleep. It seems the reels of black and white footage and the monotonous voice of the narrator transcends generations and ages when it comes to being able to put human beings and even animals to sleep.

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    However, be warned that this technique may result in the parent falling asleep as well.

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    Another healthier alternative is to give the baby some exercise. A 10km run or 5 sets of 30 push ups ought to do the trick but if your baby is not yet as strong or not capable of doing that then massaging their muscles and moving them around should do the trick.

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    Over the years mankind has come up with various poems, songs and tunes to help soothe a baby and put them to sleep. Some are more effective than others but it depends on finding the right tune at the right time. The singer must be in the moment and feel the essence of the song resonating in his very ears. If that is not there then we are afraid to tell you that this technique may not work for you.

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    The last technique is to hold the baby in your arms and gently sway from side to side. This motion puts the baby to sleep but do not be too vigorous as it may result in his or her dinner making a comeback.

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