How to Get Back at Fed ex Drivers

Getting packages in the mail is regarded to be as one of the happiest moments of just about anybodies life. This is because when the packages arrive, people are over filled with joy based on the fact they might have just received something of great value in the mail.

Now most of the time, Fed Ex is used to deliver these packages, however, the problem with this is the fact that their delivery people tend to cause a whole lot of problems when delivering the packages.

In fact, sometime people are looking to get back at these delivery men, just so they can get some redemption over the mishandling of their package, or the manner in which it was delivered.


  • 1

    Get a dog and train it

    The first and most basic thing that you can do, is to get a dog and to train it to sniff out and attack the Fed Ex delivery man.

    You don’t need to train it to attack him, but just to intimidate him, this will get your revenge on the person, and every time they make a bad delivery, you can ask the dog to go a little crazier on them.

    Soon enough they will figure out the trend and leave you alone.

  • 2

    Install a camera

    The next thing you can do is to install a camera in your garden. This way you will be able to monitor and track the movements of the person who is delivering your packages. This will ensure that they are kept in check at all times and should they make a bad move, you will catch them on tape.

    You can then take this tape and then show it to their supervisors, who are bound to get in touch with them and give them a piece of their mind, based on their performances and the level of commitment that they are showing in going about their day to day business.

  • 3

    Paint ball guns

    The last thing you can do is get paint ball guns and strategically place yourself in your garden. Now you can wait for the package and Fed Ex person to arrive and then watch their moves.

    Should they handle your package without any care, you can unload a whole bunch of paintball bullets on them, just to let them know that you are onto them.

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