How to Get Birth Certificate in Dubai

Babies are no doubt a blessing from God. The moment you come to know about that your baby has come in this beautiful world healthful and blooming, remains one of the most memorable memories for the rest of your life. However, life in world’s top busy business hubs like Dubai is not easy at all. The paper work starts the moment your child opens his or her eyes in this world. The most important document is, of course, the Baby’s Birth Certificate, which is a permanent and official record of your child’s existence. The children without a birth certificate in Dubai would not be able to claim the right to an official identity, a nationality or a recognized name.

Getting a Birth Certificate in Dubai is not a complex process at all, as you can perform this obligatory duty within few simple steps.


  • 1

    Get home with your wife and new born baby

    There is no need to rush to get the birth certificate right after the birth of your child. Have some patience and wait until your wife along with the new born baby has been discharged from the specific hospital.

    Note: Do not forget the maximum period to apply for your child’s birth certificate are 30 days in Dubai.

  • 2

    Finalize a name for your child

    Take advantage of the available days and finalize the name of your new born child before applying for the registration of birth certificate.

  • 3

    Get the notification of birth certificate

    Most of the hospitals in Dubai provide their customers with the copy of birth notification in Arabic, right on the day of discharge of mother and the new born baby. It is the responsibility of the specific hospital authorities to send the original notification of birth certificate to the UAE’s Ministry of Health. However, it is preferred that the parents of the new born baby should consult  the Department of Preventative Medicine at Al Baraha Hospital (old Kuwaiti Hospital) and put forward the application for the birth certificate. Otherwise, you can fill out the Online Application Form.

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    List of the documents to be submitted

    The Department of Preventative Medicine at Al Baraha Hospital will ask you for the given below documents along with the application for the birth certificate:

    - Original and copy of parents’ passports with residence visa
    - Copy of attested marriage certificates
    - Original Birth Notification / Discharge summary - this is just a print-out with    the Hospital's stamp on it

  • 5

    Processing of the Application for birth certificate

    Within three working days from the date of submission of the birth certificate’s application, your request will be processed and you will be called to collect your baby’s Arabic Birth Certificate.

  • 6

    Translate the Arabic Birth Certificate

    The Arabic Birth Certificate of your child would have to be then translated into English version, keeping the international requirements in mind. Translation of the birth certificate into English is a simple and smooth process. Consult the Preventive Medicine Department at Al Baraha Hospital in Deira and get a hold of an application form from the Birth Certificate Office.

    Note: You will find this department very busy, so it is better to visit there early in the morning in order to get suitable parking.

  • 7

    Let the translator do his/her work

    The translator at Al Baraha Hospital will type your application at the hospital.

  • 8

    Get the Birth Certificate Attested

    Once you get the Arabic and English versions of your child’s Birth Certificate, the next step is to attest them from the specific departments. Attest the local Arabic Birth Certificate by the Ministry of Health at Al Baraha Hospital and the English translated Birth Certificate from the Ministry of Health and Foreign Affairs, located in the Consulate area, Bur Dubai. You cannot send anyone else on your behalf as the parents of the child are required to drive down to both locations. Keep your pocket full as you will have to pay a separate fee for the attestation. The detail of the attestation charges are as given below:

    Normal Attestation Charges Detail:

    - The normal attestation charges for the Arabic Birth certificate and the English birth certificate are 550 AED

    - The express charges for the Arabic Birth certificate and the English birth certificate are 650 AED.

    Additional Charges:

    - AED 100 will be charged for additional copies of the Arabic and English versions along with the actual cost.

    - AED 50 will be charged for additional attestation plus the actual cost.

    Note: AED stands for the United Arab Emirates dirham, which is the currency of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

  • 9

    Delivery of the Attested Birth Certificates

    Both versions of your child’s Birth Certificates will be delivered within few days once you submit them along with the fees. The submitted certificates with normal attestation charges are delivered within three working days. On the other hand, the certificates with express attestation charges are delivered within 24 hours turn around.

    Note: The Birth Certificates with express attestation charges are processed on urgent basis.

  • 10

    Celebrate your child’s Birth Certificate

    It is the time to celebrate as you have successfully got your child’s Birth Certificate in Dubai. Cheers!

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