How To Get Camping Site Licence In London

In order to start a camping site in London, you need to acquire a camping licence from your local authority. The reason behind making it necessary for camp operators to a obtain camping licence is safety and health of both, visitors and permanent residents in the region. This licence makes camping sites more secure as such spots have to follow the basic standards in order to maintain their permits. Camping licences usually remain in force unless a change in ownership of the site or planning consent takes place. Since camping site is not a very common business in London therefore, new entrants in this line of business require assistance to get a camping site licence.


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    Who Requires a Camping Site Licence?

    Camping site licence is necessary for every person who allows his or her land to be used as a camping spot by the public for 42 days consecutively in a row, or for 2 months (60 days) during an year. Conditions can be found with the licence.

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    Exemption from Camping Site Licence:

    Specific organisations like Girl Guides Association, Boy Scouts Association and etc do not require a camping site licence therefore, they are granted exemption certificates. These exemption certificates are treated equal to the camping licence.

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    Who issues the Camping Site Licence?

    Camping site licences are issued by the local councils of London. They process the application for this licence after receiving complete information and if the applicant meets their standard or criteria, only then a local council grants him or her the camping site licence. 

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    How to the Contact Local Council?

    Those who do not know the contact details of their concerned local council can these details from here.

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    Apply for a Camping Site Licence:

    To obtain a camping site licence a person must submit the application in writing. The applicant must also mention details of the land. This request for obtaining a camping site application must be on standard form and contain the set particulars. To know about the fee of camping site licence, get in touch with your local authority.

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    Tacit Consent:

    In this case tacit consent applies, which means that if an applicant did not get any reply over his or her camping site licence application after two months then he or she can act as if the license has been granted and the site can operate without a it until it gets one.

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