How to Get Comps at a Casino

All of us love to get anything which comes free of cost, especially in the casinos where the comps or the freebies may range from basic to extravagant. If you are just a casual slot player, you may get a free T-shirt every now and then or may be a buffet ticket; whereas, you may win an airfare to a penthouse suite or theater tickets if you chance your luck in the high-roller.

Comps are offered by almost all the casinos as an incentive for players to come again and again, helping the casino enhance its business. You need to sign up for casino player’s cards and should come to the same casino more often, if you want to increase your chances of getting comps.


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    Sign up for the player’s cards

    The first and most important step towards getting comps at a casino is to sign up for the player’s cards. This is just a short form where you have to enter your contact information; however, you may have to write your driver’s license as a personal identity. By giving your contact information, you will also be getting special offers and information regarding the events in that casino via email or regular mail. Some casinos give comps for just signing up. 

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    Present the casino card every time you play

    Whenever you play a table game, you should present your player’s card. Winning comps in a casino is normally based on how much you have spent and how often you visit the casino and that can only be determined through your player’s card. Most casinos are likely to reward you 30 percent of your expected loss in shape of comps.

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    Take advantage of free drinks

    While playing table games or slots, you should take advantage of free drinks. This is one of the easiest comps to get because waitresses carry cocktails and offer to the people who are playing.

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    Build a rapport with the casino host

    If you want to win more and more comps, you should look to develop a strong rapport with the host of the casino. Whenever the host sees you playing in his or her casino, he or she may offer you buffet or theater tickets. 

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    Visit the player’s club desk

    In order to know how much you are entitled to receive based on your play, you should visit the player’s club desk.  

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