How to Get Cuba Tourist Visit Visa from London

Cuba is a delightful and lively country with lots to offer visitors, including trendy music, fashionable cities and ancient Cuban monuments. Since Cuba and UK share healthy relationships, so you can find a Cuban Embassy in London. This Cuban Embassy issues tourist visas to the residents of and other folks living in London and other cities of UK, who want to explore the numerous attractions of the island country. A tourist visa gives you a chance to experience the incredible culture of the country including its music, dance and cuisine. If you require help in gaining a visa, consult our step by step guide below to get a Cuba tourist visa from London.


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    Cuban tourist visa is for a limited time stay, you can stay for up to 30 days. Applicants cannot go for leisure travel and business activities are also not allowed on this type of visa. To acquire a tourist visa for Cuba, applicants may require the following:

    a) Provide one fully completed and duly signed visa form of Cuba along with the declaration.

    b) Provide 2 passport style pictures.

    c) Provide valid passport and one copy of it.

    d) In case applicant is a national of another country then, provide a valid visa and one copy of it.

    e) Also give a fresh bank statement and one copy of it.

    f) Provide a confirmation letter from applicant’s travel health insurance company, which should be stating coverage of no less than US$50,000 for trips in Cuba and one copy of it.

    g) Provide a confirm reservation proof of hotel booking or group travel in Cuba.

    h) Airline ticket of Cuba and a copy of it.

    i) Deposit exact visa fee for tourist visa of Cuba.

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    Visa Application Form

    Request a Cuban visa form by mailing a letter to the Cuban Consulate along with a stamped envelope stating the name and address of the applicant.

    In order to receive the index of required documents to apply for a tourist visa send copies of the main pages of your passport for instance identity and visa stamp pages to Cuban Embassy in London.

    Third option to request the Cuban tourist visa form is by calling the Cuban embassy visa form request line. Phone charges may vary depending on your area or mobile company.

    Cuban Embassy

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee for the tourist visa of Cuba is $30, however, the charges may change subject to the policy so it is recommended to counter check them with the Cuban embassy in London (see the contact details above).

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    Mode of Payment

    Mode of payment to get the visa of Cuba from their London Embassy can be learnt by get in touch with the authorities of the visa section in Cuban Embassy.

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    Check List

    Before sending or submitting your application make sure that you have completed all the required documents such as 2 photos, airline tickets of Cuba, bank statement, a valid passport, letter of travel health insurance and completed visa application form with declaration.

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    Visa application form and supporting documents can be submitted by post, it is recommended to send it through a prepaid special delivery mail along with a envelop for the return of your documents along with the visa, if your request for tourist visa gets approved. Send this application to Consulate or Consular section at Embassy. To submit form by other ways contact Cuban Embassy in London (see the address above).

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    Processing Time

    The processing period of the tourist visa application is from 7 to 10 days.

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    Collect Visa

    Those, who have submitted their applications by special delivery, will get their visa from the same service as they had paid for it in advance. Others will get it as per the advice of the Cuban Embassy or contact the consulate.

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    Things tourists are allowed to carry with them

    Tourists are allowed to carry their personal belongings to Cuba, for instance jewels, photographs, video cameras, portable radios, computers, recorders, fishing gear, musical instruments and sports gear.

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