How to Get Discounted Disney Tickets

Buying Disneyland tickets for only a day can cost you a fortune and drain all your money from your savings. You might not even have cash for food or gifts after that. Purchasing discount Disney tickets is essential for majority of the families and that way you can spend that saved money on other stuff during the vacation. Nevertheless, buying discount tickets for Disneyland is a difficult task and you require a lot of planning to make the trip worthwhile. Know that there are presently 11 Disney theme parks within five places all over the world. Discounted tickets will help balance your budget.


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    Get a Southern California City Pass

    Think about buying a Southern California City Pass. This will allow you a three day permit for Disneyland and free entry to Sea World, Knots Berry Farm and San Diego Zoo’s Wild Animal Park or San Diego Zoo. This is a great offer, if you wish to visit these places along with Disneyland. This pass will cost you only 70 percent of the original package. On the other hand, you can also go online and visit the official Disneyland website and buy tickets from there in advance. Make sure you purchase tickets at least a week before your trip.

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    Book a Disneyland hotel

    Try to book a room at one of the Disney hotels. Getting a package deal of hotel nights as well as Disney tickets will help you save a lot of extra cash rather than buying the tickets at the gate. Nevertheless, also be aware of the fact that Disney hotels can be more costly than any of the nearby local hotels. Moreover, this is a good way to get an inexpensive deal instead of purchasing tickets at the Disney gate. Analyse all the costs and see what suits you and your budget better. If you are taking your family along, then the dynamics of the costs will vary greatly.

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    Discount offers for locals

    Get in touch with your employer as several state people provide discount Disney tickets. Therefore, you will need to contact them or talk to your human resource department for further details. Furthermore, Southern California locals get discounts for tickets bought over the internet and at the gate. A number of state universities also provide discounts. Become active in the Student Union to know about all the latest offers. This is because the more you know the better it gets.

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