How to Get Dominica Tourist Visit Visa from London

Commonwealth of Dominica is a tiny Island with a small population but a lot of attractions for tourists. Dominica’s jagged mountains and marvelous beaches make it special in Eastern Caribbean region. Nature has always grabbed the interest of tourism lovers from the United Kingdom and the Dominica is no different. The island state is fast becoming on of the top choices for British tourists to visit and explore. Tourists, especially from London, enjoy river tubing, shore excursion and madcap adventures around the island. If you are ready for a fun-packed tour of Dominica, our easy Step to Step guidelines will help you to get a Dominica Tourist Visit Visa from London so that you are ready to take on the Dominica experience.


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    Visa Exemptions

    The following countries do not need a visa to enter into the Commonwealth of Dominica:

    a) Nationals of the following countries wishing to enter, for a period not more than 6 months:
    i) Countries listed in the Commonwealth of Nations (Member States of the Commonwealth)
    ii) United States of America
    iii) CARICOM member states

    b) Visitors from Argentina, Belgium, Costa Rica, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands (including Netherland Antilles), Norway, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Suriname, Sweden, Taiwan, United Kingdom and Venezuela,  wishing to enter into the Commonwealth of Dominica for a period not more than 3 months.

    c) Any tourist possessing a return ticket and is able to convince the Immigration Authorities that he/she does not intend to remain in the State for a period of not more than 21 days.

    d) Passengers of tourist ships.

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    Following are the requirements for getting a Tourist Visit Visa for Dominica:

    a) Properly filled in and signed Visa Application Form.
    b) A passport with at least 6 months validity.
    c) 2 passport sized photographs.
    d) Return ticket.
    e) A Bank Statement of Applicant or sponsor, as a proof of sufficient amount of funds to support your travel and stay.
    f) A bill or any other document to prove your address in UK.
    g) A proof of the fee paid in respect of your application.
    h) Medical certificate including HIV/Aids test.
    i) Reference letter from your employer or self employment letter.
    j) Police Record of the last 3 months.
    k) All information provided in your documents should be in English. In case of other languages, a translator shall translate it into English.
    l) The documents and copies should be attested by the Notary Public.

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    Visa application form

    Download a Tourist Visit Visa Application Form for Dominica from here. Or contact with the High Commission of Dominica in London. The address details given below:

    High Commission of Common Wealth of Dominica in London

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    Visa Fee

    A Bank Draft, Postal Order, or Cheque of £25 should be made in respect of Dominica High Commission as a Visa Application Fee. This will be attached to the application.

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    You are required to submit your completed Visa Application Form by post to the Dominica Highcommission situated in London (the address details are available in Step 3) or Visit personally to High Commission in London.

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    Processing Time

    Normally the Visas are issued by the Dominica High Commission in London within 10 days of application if it is complete in all respect.

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    Collection of Visa

    The embassy will post the issued visa to your home address in the UK. You can also collect it by visiting the embassy in person. The details of address and contact of Dominica High Commission in London are available in 3rd step.

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    Final Check List

    Checkout following list of items to support in time and successful issuance of visa:

    a) All the documents and requirements in step 1 should be met appropriately.
    b) Have you got your Life and Luggage insured?
    c) Appropriate validity of passport.
    d) A valid Credit Card to meet the expenses of your travel and stay.
    e) A properly designed tour schedule of Dominica along with the date and time of departure and the places that you are intending to visit.
    f) Confirmation from the reserved accommodation in Dominica.
    g) Sufficient amount of funds.

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    Some Recommendations for the Tourists

    Following are some important recommendations for those who are intending to take a tour to Dominica:

    a) Verify from the Dominica High Commission about the kind and weight of luggage that you can take with you.
    b) Keep your passport with you all the time during your stay in Dominica.
    c) Do not argue or mischief with the immigration authorities. Cooperate with them in a best manner.
    d) Get yourself bound within the boundaries that are applicable to the tourists.

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