How to Get Good Sleep on a Plane

Sleeping during the night or even taking a small nap on a plane can be unpredictable. It is very difficult to get good sleep on a plane because of the noisy travellers, constant flight announcements and the fluorescent lights. However, if you make good preparations, a short period of sleep is not a problem for most people. This is achievable despite the tough surrounding conditions which are not at all comfortable. There are a number of ways to get a sound sleep during your plane journey.


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    Use of earplugs

    Right after the flight announcement is made, put in earplugs. These will help you get rid of the unwanted noise from the plane and any nearby conversations. Moreover, if something important comes up, the air hostess will wake you up.

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    Sleeping position

    Close your seat belt and place it in the upright posture. It is not easy to sleep in this manner, but you can wake up early to adjust your seat if you want to recline later on. Normally, the air hostess will tell you to position the seats upright at least half hour before the plane lands on its destination. Therefore, it is smart on your part to sleep during this time period.

  • 3

    Sleep aid

    Take a sleep aid if you feel you won’t be able to sleep in the plane. Make sure you do not take this along unless it’s a long flight. In that case, you will wake up feeling dazed if you take it and then have to get off the plane in a short while. Importantly, also avoid taking a sleep aid if you have to drive yourself home after the flight. Sleep aids are a good option if you are flying cross continental flights.

  • 4

    Eye shades

    Put on eye shades. You will feel rested if your eyes are protected from the fluorescent light. They also inform the flight attendant and other people around you that you want to get some sleep, and they will automatically try not to disturb you. The air hostess will also know that you will have to be awakened when the journey is over.

  • 5

    Distract yourself with some music

    Listen to a music player if nearby noises disturb you. It is best to wear headphones when you are trying to sleep, with children on board. Earplugs are effective but they still let in annoying noises, so it is better to put on music.

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