How to Get Handyman Jobs in London

London is a crowded city which is full of old and new buildings. As most of the buildings are older and require occasional repair or upgrading; as a result there is an increasing demand for handyman jobs in London. There are also large number of people associated with white collar jobs and do not know how to make everyday repairs at home. Becoming a handyman in the UK Capital can be a reliable way to earn an income because the requirement for handyman service are not too hard. If you want to be a handyman in London, you have numerous ways open to you. Here are some steps that will guide you to get a handyman job in London.


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    Remember you do not need any formal education for handyman job but you need training. There are some institutions in London that offer handyman training courses. To be a certified handyman, get an admission in any of these institutions. The duration of the courses vary in different place but all of them are designed to give you the flexibility to get your education on your own time. Here are three major institutes that provide handyman training courses in London.

    Sakra College of Personal & Professional Development
    Pitman Training Wembley
    Waltham Forest College

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    Once you are certified, you need to either look for an apprenticeship or internship. Most of the time, you can get a job with an employer, where you complete your internship. Here is a list of the some employer where you can try your luck for internship.

    The Handy Squad
    Handy Mend
    Quick Nick’s Handyman

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    After you have got a training, and certificate in your hand, make you CV and check out job posted in the newspaper or online job portals. Here is a list of top online job portals where you can easily locate job in your specified location. There will an option to apply online on each of the job portals. Before you apply online, you will have register with a respective website.

    Job is Job
    CV Library
    London Monster
    London Craigslist
    Total jobs
    Planet Recruit

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    Almost each handyman service provider run its website. You can visit a respective website and locate any job. In case there is an opening, fill the given job application form and submit. Here is a list of handyman service providers in London.

    Home Cleaning London
    Crystal Handyman
    Do it 4 you
    Bits Bobs & Odd Jobs
    The Universal Man

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    If you have a good amount of experience under your tool belt then you might consider starting your own business. As a handyman you can cover a certain area of London and increase you business quickly. To get a start, you can ask your friends or relatives to provide you an opportunity for maintenance and home up-gradation.

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