How to Get Hired In a Call Center

In the recent past, numerous companies across the world have reverted to the method of telemarketing to boost up sales and promote their products. All such companies need to setup a call centre. Apart from the business promoting aspect, call centres are setup for technical support and helping out customers with any queries that they might have about a certain product. Even though the competition is high, one can easily get a job in a call centre by following these simple tips.

Things Required:

– Resume
– Cover Letter


  • 1

    Before you apply, identify your skills. You will need to determine which services you can best offer. For instance, some people are comfortable working in the IT sector whereas others find working in the Customer Services department more appealing.

  • 2

    Write an appealing cover letter and resume. When writing the cover letter, be precise and try to effectively summarise key points such as your skills and experiences without going into useless details. Keep in mind that your application might get rejected on the basis of a poorly written resume and cover letter. For this reason, you will need to take the proper amount of time.

  • 3

    Apply for multiple job openings. This will ensure that you get interview calls from more than one call centre so that you can make a choice if possible. The best place to apply for a call centre job is online. You will be able to find multiple listings for call centre jobs on websites that offer hiring services.

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    While you are waiting for an interview call, it will be best to spend your time preparing for the upcoming exam. Practice as much as you can to dramatically increase your chances of being successful. Spend your time attempting English, mathematics and logic entrance exams.

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    Apart from a written exam, you will have to appear for an interview. Practice interviewing yourself in front of a mirror for about half an hour every day. This will boost up your confidence so that you will be well prepared when appearing for the interview.

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    When you eventually get the interview call, be sure to reach the exam centre or interview venue in time.

  • 7

    Avoid dressing casually and wear your best attire. Even though you will not be required to dress in corporate attire for a call centre job, you will have an extra edge if you are dressed properly.

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    While being interviewed, do not panic. Bring up all the confidence you have been building up and make best use of it.

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