How to Get Incorporated In Texas

Incorporating a business in Texas requires understanding of the laws established in the state. You will be entitled for various tax exemptions, and will be at peace knowing that your personal assets are protected.


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    Visit the Texas Secretary of State website to obtain the incorporation forms.  Find the Business Filings link before selecting SOS Direct. You can fill out the form yourself or hire a corporate lawyer who has better understanding of the subject at hand. There will be different sections on the form and you will need to fill it out before submitting it to the Secretary of State.

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    Select a name for your corporation. The name must be unique as under the Texas law, two business entities cannot have the same name. Call the Texas Secretary of State's office to check whether your preferred name is obtainable. You need to have incorporated, company, limited or corporation at the end of the business name. The final approval will be given only after the whole process has been reviewed by the Secretary of State.

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    The application procedure will require you to name a registered agent, who will work on behalf of the business. The person must be licensed to carry out business related activities in Texas. Most new companies hire attorneys who work as registered agents. Moreover, one will also need to give details of a permanent address, not necessarily your new office address, where all business documents will be delivered.

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    You will need to provide names, along with contact information, of the board of directors of the corporation. There can be only one director as well, who can further act as the president, secretary, and sole shareholder of the business.

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    Explain in detail the purpose of your business. The Secretary of State will inquire about the line of business you are pursuing; along with the products or services you will be providing. Make sure you mention your core activities in detail. Furthermore, the Texas Law requires all businesses to draft corporate bylaws, describing operational procedures, voting rights etc. This document must be placed in your office and can be amended without notice.

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    Apply for your Employer Identification Number. This is a mandatory exercise as the Internal Revenue Service wants businesses to obtain the EIN number for various purposes such as filling for taxes etc.

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