How to Get Lebanon Tourist Visit Visa from London

Lebanon has a rich history, culture and ethnic diversity due to its location at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Basin and the Arab world. The country that was once known as the Switzerland of the East has gone through two brutal wars, which have caused lot of damage. However, the brave nation of Lebanon faced its problems courageously and once again rebuilt their country despite all the hardships. Tourist activities have once again started taking place in Lebanon, which still has lot to offer apart from its history. Britons have a long history of visiting the many attractions of the country which was stopped because of the conflict taking place in the country. Presently, the Embassy of Lebanon in London is now granting tourist visas to the residents of UK and those who wish to gain a Lebanon tourist visa from London can use our step by step guide given below.


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    Citizens of United Kingdom can now obtain single visas immediately upon arrival at Beirut International airport without applying through the Embassy.

    Click here to find out index of countries whom nationals are eligible to acquire visa upon their arrival at Beirut International Airport.

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    a)      Download and fill the visa application form.

    b)      Provide two passport style photographs.

    c)       Provide evidence of employment in the United Kingdom or university placement confirmation in case if the applicant is a student.

    d)      Provide evidence of accommodation in Lebanon for instance hotel booking conformation or host's reference letter.

    e)      Applicants who are under 18 year must provide a travel consent form, which should be signed either by both parents or guardians. Don’t forget to enclose the evidence of guardian.

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    Visa Fee

    Visa fee for single entry in Lebanon is £25, while in case of multiple entry, fee will be £50. For further details contact The Lebanese Embassy in London.

    The Lebanese Embassy

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    Mode of Payment

    Postal order payments are accepted only in the case of mail applications. Such applicants should enclose a registered self addressed envelope for the return of original passport. Or add £5 to previous postal order. For other modes of payments contact Embassy of Lebanon in London (see the address above).

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    Check List

    a)      Applicants should make sure that they have gone through all of their documents once again before sending or submitting them to the Lebanese Embassy in London.

    b)      Make sure that you are providing two photographs that also meet the size requirement of the embassy.

    c)       Check that you have attached the proof of your employment in the UK and in case of student university placement confirmation is neccessary.

    d)      Check that you have provided the detail of your accommodation in Lebanon.

    e)      Applicants under 18 years of age should make sure that have given a travel consent form, signed by both parents or guardians. Incase of guardian also enclose the proof of guardian.

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    Visa applications can be submitted by post, see mode of payment above for details. To know about other ways of submitting visa application forms and supporting documents, applicants should contact Embassy of Lebanon in London. Click here to learn about office timings of Embassy of Lebanon.

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    Processing Time

    Find out about the processing time of your visa application by contacting Embassy of Lebanon in London (see the address above).

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    Get Visa

    Applicants who have submitted their application and documents by special delivery will receive the visa by the same service as they had pre-paid for return of the documents. Others can collect their visas as per the advice of Embassy of Lebanon in London (see the address above).

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    Things Tourists are Allowed to Carry with Them

    Tourists are allowed to carry with them shorts and tee shirts (in summers) as there is not any type of restrictions related to clothing in Lebanon.

    Travellers can also carry along with them different miscelleneous items, such as medicines, toiliteries, cameras, guide books, translation books, portable music players and their extra batteries.

    If you are going in summer then taking sunscreen along is not a bad idea as it is also allowed to carry along.

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