How to Get Macau Tourist Visit Visa from London

Macau, a territory including two islands and one peninsula, is a special administrative region of China. A unique mix of Chinese and Portuguese culture has given it an exceptional set of traditions, festivals and events. The Historic Center of Macau is also designated as the world’s 31st heritage site and one of the several monumental buildings the city boasts. A variety of Portuguese and Macanese cuisines offer a great experience to British tourists that have a palate for different foods and love to taste exotic dishes. Even though London has many urban attractions of its own, tourists from the British capital can still have a great time in one of the world’s biggest casinos. Londoners also have many options to entertain themselves and can go bowling, swim in Macau’s renowned beaches, hike and cycle in the rural areas around the city and bungee jump from the Macau tower.

If you have a plan to visit this lovely place please follow our tourist visa guideline to get your entry permits in the proper way.

Visit: Embassy Of Macau


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    British Nationals

    British citizens don’t require a visa for a stay of up to 6 months. However, anybody traveling to Macau must have at least 6 months of validity on their passport. Before traveling please ensure that there are blank visa pages in your passport for stamps and immigration purposes.

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    Other nationals

    All other nationals may check their respective visa entry requirements at the China /Macau Embassy. The address and phone are stated above.  Citizens of 66 countries can enjoy visa-free entry in Macau. Click to view the list of countries.

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    Visa Requirements

    Below is a list of documents you are required to submit to the Chinese embassy to get a visa for Macau.

    a)      A completely filled in Application Form.

    b)      A valid passport with blank visa pages along with a photocopy of the bio data page

    c)       A valid UK visa and a photocopy of it.

    d)      One recent passport-size photograph.

    e)      The bank statement for last 3 months with a balance of over £500 per month.

    f)       a letter from your employer or school / university or a copy of your own company license.

    g)      Information of your return flight tickets and accommodation booked under your name and your itinerary in Macao, tour receipt.

    h)      If there is any important information in a travel document previously used to enter Macao then pages carrying such information.

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    Applying for visa

    You have to personally visit the Chinese Embassy to apply for a Macau Visa. Before leaving it is recommended that you may call them up at the above phone number and make an appointment.

    You can also apply online by downloading visa application form of Macau. To download an application form Click here.

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    Submission of application

    If you apply online then you have to submit a completely filled in application form along with aforementioned documents in the Chinese embassy to get a visa for Macau.

  • 6

    Processing Time and Fees

    The visa processing time can range from 3 working days to 14 working days.

    Your visa processing fee will be a sum total of Visa fee and application service fee.
    The visa fee can vary from 30 GBP to 180 GBP and application service fee can vary from 36 GBP to 54 GBP.

  • 7

    Collection of visa

    Once you have applied you will be required to pick up your passport from the Embassy after the visa processing is completes. You will be contacted by the embassy to come and receive your documents.

  • 8

    Check list of Documents

    Here is a quick review of the checklist of documents you will need:

    a)      Valid Passport

    b)      Recent Photographs

    c)       Bank statement

    d)      Employment letter

    e)      Return ticket

    f)       Reservations for a hotel

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    Things to avoid when you travel to Macau

    Please do not take explosives, arms and other prohibited items. You will need a separate approval if you intend to take along a pet with you. Live animals and plants should not be taken along with out the proper permits.

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    Things Recommended to Tourists to take along with them

    Macau follows different electrical standards so remember to bring along a an electric adapter. The convertor should cater to 220 volts or 50 Hz.

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