How to Get Mexico Tourist Visit Visa from London

Mexico straddles both North and South America and is an important point on the trade routes of the US and countries in the South. This unique location has given Mexico an interesting past that stretches back to the Mayan and Aztec eras. The natural beauty, historical significance and vivid culture makes the country a very popular tourist destination for travelers from the United Kingdom. The country has many opportunities for Britons living in London to experience historical sites that can range from pyramids, colonial towns and native villages. The natural landmarks include rain forests, pristine beaches and mountains. Londoners can also dive into the unique gastronomical delights of the region which they might not be able to find in London. In order to obtain a tourist visa for Mexico, individuals can apply at the embassy located in London:

Visit: Embassy of Mexico


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    British Nationals

    The Mexican government offers special entry options for Citizens of the United Kingdom. You do not require a separate visa if you already possess a visa for the united states. Furthermore, if you are a British National you have visa free entry and will be issues a 180 day stamp on your passport at immigration. You will need to fill out a FMM migration form that can be obtained from the embassy or on the plane. Make sure that your passport has free pages for stamps and is valid for six months. You might be asked to show a return ticket.

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    Citizens of other countries

    If you are not a citizen of the following countries you will need to apply in advance for a visa:

    Canada, Japan, The United Kingdom including Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK, The United States of America and the Schengen countries.

    However, you still have visa free entry if you have a valid visa for the US.

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    The Mexican embassy has very straight forward requirements for documents for a visit visa:

    a) A passport that is valid for at least six months. You should also have sufficient free pages in the travel document for stamps.
    b) A return ticket is required
    c) Financial documents must be shown to prove that you can afford your stay in country. This can include bank statements and credit card bills.
    d) Fee of 23.11 pounds
    e) Photographs

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    Application Form

    The Mexican embassy has new rules which state that all visitors must come in person to the embassy to apply for a visa and pickup applications.

    The embassy's consular section is open from 9:30 AM to 1:00PM. They can contacted at +20 7235 6393 to make an appointment and get more information.

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    Processing times and pick up

    The Embassy can process visa applications from 2 to 3 days. However, it can take 3 to 4 weeks to process some application depending on the amount of processing the embassy needs to perform. You can pick up your passport once you receive confirmation from the embassy.

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    Document Checklist

    As a final check for all the documents required, use the list below:

    a) Passport
    b) A return ticket
    c) Financial documents like bank statements and credit card bills.
    d) Application Fee
    e) Photographs
    f) Funds for your stay in the country

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    Things travelers are allowed to take with them

    The Mexican government usually allows items to be brought in duty-free but if you are carrying a camera, DVDs or other digital equipment, you will be asked to declare them or face seizure. Mexico also wants to keep its natural resources in tact so check before you bring in or take out animals or plants. Their are very specific laws governing these items.

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