How to Get Namibia Tourist Visit Visa from London

Namibia has allowed the Nationals of the United Kingdom to make their tour for less than 90 days without getting any visa. Along with Britain, Namibia also allows citizens of certain countries to visit without visa. However, these countries are mostly from Europe and Africa. The nationals of other countries need to get a tourist visit visa to enter Namibia. If you are the one living in London and want to visit this country of Africa. Certain requirements are need to meet to be eligible for visa. This step by step guide to get Namibia tourist visit visa from London will ease the process for you.

Visit: Namibia High Commission in London


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    Visa Exempted Countries

    Namibia does not ask for visa to Nationals of the following countries if they want to travel to Namibia for the less than three months trip.

    i. Angola
    ii. Ireland
    iii. Portugal
    iv. Australia
    v. Italy
    vi. Russian Federation
    vii. Austria
    viii. Japan
    ix. South Africa
    x. Belgium
    xi. Kenya
    xii. Singapore
    xiii. Botswana
    xiv. Lesotho
    xv. Spain
    xvi. Brazil
    xvii. Liechtenstein
    xviii. Swaziland
    xix. Canada
    xx. Luxembourg
    xxi. Sweden
    xxii. Cuba
    xxiii. Macau (SAR)
    xxiv. Switzerland
    xxv. Denmark
    xxvi. Malaysia
    xxvii. Tanzania
    xxviii. Finland
    xxix. Malawi
    xxx. United Kingdom
    xxxi. France
    xxxii. Mozambique
    xxxiii. United States of America
    xxxiv. Germany
    xxxv. New Zealand
    xxxvi. Zambia
    xxxvii. Hong Kong (SAR)
    xxxviii. Netherlands
    xxxix. Zimbabwe
    xl. Iceland
    xli. Norway

    However, the Nationals of other countries residing in London and want to apply for Namibia tourist visit visa, they need to follow the below given procedure.

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    Application Form

    First of all, download the application form visitng the official website of the Namibia High Commission in London. Alternatively you can download application form from link given below.

    Click to Download Application Form.

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    Before you fill application form, you should be aware of the following requirements that have been imposed by the Namibia High Commission in London.

    (a)    Completed Application Form that should be duly signed by the applicant.
    (b)   Passport that should be valid for at least six months on the time of application.
    (c)    There should be at least three blank pages.
    (d)   One colour photograph in light colour background.
    (e)   Return Ticket copy
    (f)     Proof of adequate funds for the duration of stay in Namibia
    (g)    Yellow fever Inoculation only if travelling through any country of Africa effected with yellow fever.
    (h)   Visa Fee

    There might be change in requirements; therefore you should consult the official website of the Namibia High Commission in London.

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    Visa Fee

    Visa Fee for the Single Entry tourist visit visa is £28 that can only be submitted in cash. Fee can only be submitted between 9:00 to 12:30 from Monday to Friday. If you want to use Express service, the fee for the Single Entry tourist visit visa will be £56. Fee can only be submitted in cash while lodging application to High Commission.

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    Submission of Application

    Application can only be submitted in person. You need to visit the visa section of the Namibia High Commission in London to submit your application. Your application should have all the required documents to avoid any delays.

  • 6

    Processing Time

    Application processing time is three working days. However, incomplete applications can cause delays.

  • 7

    Collection of Visa

    You can collect your visa by making a personal visit to the High Commission in London. You can collect your visa and original documents between 16:00 to 17:00 from Monday to Friday.

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