How to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket

If you are in a hurry, or simply venting your frustration and anger by ignoring the traffic laws and going well over the speed limit, the traffic police will definitely take notice and give you a speeding ticket. The ramifications of getting caught are not limited to a hefty fine, but can also include increased auto insurance and points on your driving license.

Once you are caught over-speeding, you will hardly have any chance of driving away without a speeding ticket. However, if luck is on your side and the officer who pulled you over is having a good day, then using a common sense approach can help you avoid the ramifications of getting caught speeding.


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    The first thing that the officer will ask you after he or she pulls you over for violating the speed limit is why you are in such a hurry. Instead of throwing something like “It’s none of your business” to their face, come up with a nice and believable excuse for driving so fast. Getting late for a meeting, wife in labour or picking a sick son from school are some of the excuses that you can use. Make sure the expression on your face supports your excuse.

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    Do not argue with the officer over the fact that you were over-speeding. Accept your mistake and admit what you did was wrong. If you are under the impression that arguing with the officer and denying the violation that you have committed will allow you to drive away without a speeding ticket, you are mistaken. Therefore, be smart and try to win over the officer’s sympathy by becoming docile.

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    Apologise to the officer for going over the speed limit. By being submissive, you will make the officer feel like he or she is the boss. This may tempt them to show off their grandiosity by letting you off the hook this once with nothing but a warning.

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    Try using humour to get yourself out of the situation. By making the officer laugh, you may get them to like you and thus make it tough for him or her to ticket you.

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    Start crying. This works especially well for female drivers. The officer may become more sympathetic and tell you that it’s okay. Be sure to look at him or her with teary eyes to make them feel even more uncomfortable. It takes a lot of heart to issue a ticket to a crying person.

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    You can be more direct and ask the officer for some leniency. Tell the officer that you have learned your lesson and will not repeat the mistake again. This may work if he or she is in a good mood, or does not feel like doing the paperwork of a ticket.

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