How to Get Over Your Fear of Skydiving

Most people have a fear of skydiving as the thought of jumping out of a perfectly fine airplane with nothing but a parachute to save you from hitting the ground can be quite terrifying. For some, skydiving is the accumulation of a multitude of fears. This is the reason that most people do not like the idea of skydiving. However, if you want to go skydiving but are fearful, there are a few simple guidelines that you can follow to help you get over your fear of skydiving.


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    Learn about skydiving:

    Study as much as you possibly can about skydiving. You can consult different books or talk to people that skydives on a regular basis. Once you learn more about skydiving, your fears will be reduced.

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    Watch skydiving videos:

    Go online or rent different videos related to skydiving. You can see some nice instructional videos online about skydiving. Watching these videos will help you get over your fear of skydiving.

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    Join a therapy group:

    You can join many different therapy groups in your area that deal with particular fears. You will be sitting with many different people that share the same fears as you. This can be very helpful for you once you understand how many people have the same fears as yourself.

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    Take a skydiving course:

    You can find many different skydiving courses in your area that you can join. Remember to discuss your fears with the instructors. They can help you get over your fear of skydiving by showing you the different safety backup systems that are currently being used today. Many skydiving schools offer people the ability to go skydiving without having to worry about the technicalities by being strapped to a professional skydiver and letting him or her do all of the work.

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    Talk to therapist:

    Visit a professional therapist that deals in helping people with this type of fear. He or she can definitely help you get rid of your fear of skydiving. Be sure to be open and discuss everything with your therapist. Remember that going to a therapist can be quite costly.

  • 6

    Join online forum:

    There are many online resources like forums where you can join to discuss your fear of skydiving. You will be amazed at the number of other people that have the same fears as you do about skydiving. Start a conversation with others that have overcome their fears and the methods that they used. Remember to listen and share your thoughts as well.

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