How to Get Palau Tourist Visit Visa from London

The archipelago country of Palau is situated in the east of Philippines in the Pacific Ocean. Palau is all about water sports and underwater entertainment and activities. The coral reefs, blue holes, hidden caves and tunnels along with other sea creatures encourage British tourists to visit Palau. Both the mountainous and the coral islands are gifted with natural beauty, visitors from the Great Britain are enchanted by the breathtaking waterfalls and the limestone rock islands surrounded by blue waters. If you are getting bored with the hustle and bustle of London and this fanciful archipelago sounds like a Holiday spot for you then a prefect start would be to go through the step by step how to get a tourist visa of Palau from London.


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    British Citizens

    British Citizens do not need a visa to enter Palau, an entry permit is issued upon entry for a period of up to 30 days. The minimum passport validity is 30 days after the intended period of your stay.

    Other nationalities

    Citizens of other countries should contact the Honorary Consulate of Palau in Netherlands.

    Honorary Consulate of Palau in Netherlands

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    Visa Requirements

    The documents required can be confirmed from the Palau Consulate in Netherlands. However, some generic documents that may be required are mentioned below:

    a) A valid passport
    b) Proof of Funds to finance the stay
    c) Proof of accommodation and tickets itinerary
    d) Completely filled and signed application form

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    Applying for Visa Application

    You have to visit the Honorary Consulate of Palau in Netherlands to apply for a visa to Palau. They will collect all your necessary information and after checking required documents they will let you know about the collection date of visa.

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    Visa Processing and fees

    The visa processing time and fee can be confirmed from the Honorary Consulate of Palau in Netherlands. However, the entry permit fee charged upon arrival is usually USD 50.

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    Collection of Visa

    You should visit the  Honorary Consulate of Palau in Netherlands to collect your passport. It is better to make them a call before approaching there.

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    Final checklist of things to take along

    Below is a checklist of items suggested to be taken to Palau.

    a) Necessary medicines or prescriptions
    b) Cash or valid credit card
    c) Sunblock and sunglasses
    d) Maps of city and information about accommodation
    e) Mosquito repellent lotion or cream
    f)  Water shoes

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