How to Get People to do What You Ask

In order to convince people to do what you want, you should have an immaculate personality. There are usually two ways to make people do what you want: by force or by using unique personality traits and intelligence. The second method is naturally difficult while the first should not be considered because of its impropriety.


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    Some people are naturally endowed with the ability to find common ground with others, become centre of attention and convince people to do whatever they want them to do. You need to develop strong communication skills in order to make people do as per your desires.

    Man, by nature, always wants to please others. However, not every one of us is born as a brilliant orator. Some need to work on their abilities to communicate and get people to listen to them while other may have a firm grip on communication without any special training.

    For example, politicians always win the argument not only because they always have a strong case but because they know how to competently lead the discussion.

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    Build your reputation and be smart. High intelligence is always respected, especially if it is combined with a successful career and interesting appearance.

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    Self-confidence is very important if you want people to listen to you. Your impression will be perfect only if you have a greater pedigree of confidence.

    It is a must required quality of a successful person and there is little arguing the fact that success is largely affected by this trait in all areas of life. Parents need to help their kids develop self confidence in their childhood. If such an opportunity has passed, you have to work real hard to develop it at any given age.

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    Be interested in the affairs and interests of the other person(el). Ask others questions about hobbies, pleasant stories of life, if it is appropriate. Try to be attentive to their words.

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