How to Get Post Trial Support for Victims in London

It is natural to feel vulnerable even after the trial, when the criminal has been convicted. The scars that his criminal act leaves stay for a long time, besides going through the trauma and anxiety that a court trial naturally brings upon a victim. The process of giving evidence against somebody who has hurt you is taxing in itself. Although, London is thought to be a comparatively peaceful city, but crimes do happen. And for that, the victims of crime need support and assistance from the moment they step into the police station after a crime has been committed against them, to leaving the court after a verdict has been passed, to even beyond that. This has led to the state and NGOs providing support for victims after trial in London.


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    The result of the trial is passed on to the victim by a witness support official within a day of the verdict, explaining what it exactly means.

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    Victim Support helps victims of crime even after it has been a long time since the trail has passed. For further information, please visit their website.

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    Once the criminal has been put behind bars and he still tries to contact the victim through letters or phone calls, then the National Offender Management Service can be informed on the Victim helpline by dialing 0845 7585 112.

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    Offenders who spend some of their sentences in community on a license after they come out of the jail have to report to probation officers.  This license sets some conditions related to the behavior of the offender. If he tries to contact the victim or adopt a threatening attitude again, the police should immediately be informed on their emergency number 999.

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    Extra help can be provided to those victims who suffer at the hands of a sexual offender or one who has been considered mentally ill. The victim is to be told of when the offender will be released and any concerns that he may have about the release can be conveyed to the Liaison Officer who will pass them on to the Parole Board.

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