How to Get Rid Of a Cough Quickly

Something that not only irritates you but at the same time annoys others, who are around you is cough. Irrespective of the climate or weather, you can have the cough at almost any time, that could be viral even. Sometimes it gets so severe that you are not even able to concentrate on a particular activity. Hence, if you are preparing for exams and the cough is not letting you concentrate properly, then you should always try to get rid of it at as soon as possible. Taking medicines such as a cough syrup can provide instant relief, but may result in drowsiness or dizziness at the same time. For your information, there are some other methods that can help you get rid of cough in no time.


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    Keep yourself hydrated

    Considering the fact that coughing makes your throat becomes dry and painful at the same time, so it is advised that you should try to keep it hydrated by drinking lot of fairly warm water or cup of tea, with few drops of Tabasco hot sauce after every hour.

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    Hot Water Bath & Steam

    Taking hot water bath also helps in loosening the mucus, thus helping your nasal passages to get clear and relieved. If taking hot water bath is not feasible, then you can also take steam that has the same soothing effect.

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    Vitamin C intake

    Although you can easily have the Vitamin C tablets available at the medical stores, but it is better if you have some fresh fruits and vegetables or simply a hot vegetable soup can do the job.

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    Keep the surroundings clean

    By keeping your surroundings clean means that you should have the dust free environment. Dust can irritate your throat that may result in severe cough. However, it is always advised to use the mask while travelling in dusty areas and avoid smoking as well.

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    Rest your voice

    While having cough it is often good to rest your voice. You should avoid engaging yourself in any activity that may require to speak louder then usual.

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