How to Get Rid Of a Head Cold In a Day

There are times when you feel like hitting your head against a wall. This is not necessarily when somebody has annoyed you to that zenith – rather, it is when you have a head cold. Some people thing that head cold has to do something with cold weather, but the truth is that you can have a head cold at almost any time of the year, may it be winter or summer. Although there are various medicines to treat a head cold, but using few home remedies can surely help you get rid of it without making a visit to your local pharmacy. If these home remedies are applied well and you rest well, you’ll be back to routine in a day!


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    Increase Fluids intake

    When you have a head cold and you blow your nose frequently, your body becomes fluids deficient, and to eliminate this deficiency, it is advised to increase the liquid intake. For this water, juices and a steaming hot mug of tea are the best beverages to drink. Try avoiding juices and cold drinks, though.

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    Chicken and Vegetable Soup

    While having head cold it is common that you may get to have a nasal drip or runny nose that later on results in sore throat. Having Chicken and Vegetable soups containing ginger and garlic soften the mucus and provides relief in nasal congestion and sore throat.

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    Resting your body

    During infection, your body’s immune system fights those germs that have invaded your body. To let the immune system work better it is advised that you should give yourself complete rest.

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    Vitamin 'C' Intake

    With an efficient immune system you will recover more quickly from head cold. Hence it is advised to increase the intake of Vitamin C by eating fresh fruits and orange juice.

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    Regular Nose Blowing

    As you will blow your nose, the mucus will be drained through the nasal passage. This will help you get rid of nasal congestion and you will be able to recover in quick time.

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