How to Get Rid Of Asthma Permanently

Asthma is one of the worst health disorders that a person can possibly have. Besides being irritating it is also painful as it makes the victim go breathless. Asthma is an outcome of inflammation in the passage of airways and the muscles which surround the airways become narrow during Asthma attack. As a result the air passage swells. This reduces the amount of air that normally passes through and later it leads to creation of a wheezing sound. Asthma attack can prolong upto several days but it then becomes dangerous if the airflow becomes restricted. There are some complications that can be caused by Asthma. If it is not controlled and no measure is adopted for prevention then it may also result in death. Generally there is no cure for Asthma as such but there are few ways that can help a victim get rid of frequent Asthma attacks.


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    Home Remedies
    There are some home remedies that can help you in providing relief against Asthma. They are quite cheap and at the same time effective.

    Garlic. Boil some chunks of garlic in water or with milk and try having it two to three times a day. This can be a good cure particularly during winter.

    Honey. Just like garlic, you can have some honey mixed with water or with milk and have it about two to three times during the day, particularly before sleeping.

    Turmeric. This item is commonly found in kitchens and can prove to be effective against asthma if taken with water or milk.

    Coffee and Cocoa. This is not something highly recommended particularly if for high blood pressure. Nevertheless, the presence of caffeine in coffee helps reducing Asthma symptoms.

    Others. Anyone who is having Asthma should always avoid having dairy products in the diet and must look to have more asthma friendly items such as salmon, oysters and spinach.

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    Natural Ways:

    Apart from the home remedies, there are some natural methods can prove to be quite handy against Asthma.

    Healthy Diet. As a patient of Asthma you have to ensure that the diet you are taking should contain all the essential nutrients that can provide strength to your endocrine system. Avoid dairy products!

    Beware of the Triggers. There are always some triggers that cause an Asthma attack, i.e. cold air, stress, anger, laughing too hard etc. The more your will try to avoid those triggers the lesser chance will be there of Asthma attack.

    Sufficient Rest. This does not mean that you should not get out of bed at all. Instead try to keep yourself in those activities that make you feel relax. This may include sports, watching TV and hanging out with friends.

    Avoid Drugs and relying on medicines. Although you will be on certain medicines being a patient of Asthma but it is advised not to entirely rely on medicines. This is because they tend to make your natural immune system weak.

    Minor Workout. This means that you must try and engage yourself in some kind of minor physical activity such as Yoga and Aerobics. This will have a good effect on your natural immune system and also increase your stamina.

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    Other Asthma Treatments

    Besides the natural ways and home remedies there are some artificial methods that can also prove to be helpful against Asthma.

    Breathing method. These include some methods like Papworth, Buteyko, and Pranayama that enable a patient how to gain better control over their condition by breathing properly.

    Acupuncture. This is an ancient treatment that started in China several years back. The purpose of this treatment is balancing the negative (yin) and positive (yang) forces in the body so as to attain better health.

    Chiropractic Treatment. This treatment involves realigning of certain bones in order to achieve correct or maximum function of certain organ in the body. However, it is good to have doctor’s advice before going for this treatment.

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