How to Get Rid Of Catarrh

Catarrh can be extremely annoying, especially when the condition seems to be persisting for days and weeks at a time. It is basically the inflammation of the mucous membrane that is used by the body as a defensive mechanism in case of an infection. The cavities around the ear and chest are affected by this condition, which cannot be classified as a disease. It is a symptom of other problems and can be easily treated.

The most common causes for catarrh are many and vary from which part of the world and living conditions you live in. It could be due to the common cold, flu, allergic reaction to various things such as pollen, dust, certain food, perfume or paint, alcohol and stress. Hay fever and changes in temperature also have a major affect on how your body reacts to certain situations.

Catarrh can make you feeling tired and lazy, most of the times sleepy along with the inability to smell and/or taste at the same time. A sore throat, persistent cough, headache and pain around the affected areas. To the surprise of many, Catarrh is not very hard to treat at all and you too can get rid of it through a few and simple time tested remedies.


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    When suffering from catarrh, rest is an extremely important aspect of the process as the body is looking to heal itself and in order to speed up the procedure, rest is an inevitable part. Seeking as much rest possible is the best way to tackle catarrh and eventually regain the much needed strengthened.

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    Home Remedies

    There are many home remedies that anyone can try and the best part is, they are totally safe and free from side affects unlike most medications.

    Gargling with warm and salt water is a great way to cleanse your throat of the mucus that has been building up due to catarrh. This should be done three times a day for four to five days and should bring about instant relief.

    Inhaling steam is another great way to decongest your throat and nose. This can be done by boiling water and keeping your face over the top and taking deep breaths. Inhale and exhale for five to 10 minutes. This can also be done along with the gargling to speed up the process.

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    If home remedies do not seem to be working after trying for a couple of days, medical help should be sought. Catarrh is usually not serious at all, but should not be left untreated in any case just like with any other condition.

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