How to Get Rid of Cats in the Garden

Anyone who has a garden and maintains it would desperately want to get rid of uninvited, nasty cats that love to destroy plants and colorful flowers and feels easy to lay their feces in your garden. Stray cats are usually less social and comes out of their hiding places at night or when no one around. Domestic cats, on the other hand, are more prone to get into human territories. They would come in your garden as they were especially invited and play around with plants, jumping over them and squeezing them apart. It becomes a greater problem when you have small kids playing in the garden, as cat’s feces make the place unhygienic and smelly. Well, you can get idea from this article in order to get rid of cats in garden.


  • 1

    Grow some cat repellent plants

    There are certain plants which you can grow in your garden in order to deter cats. The fragrance of these plants is nostalgic for cats. They never come within the range of the smell and even if they do, they will run away as soon as the smell goes to their sensitive nostrils. Effective cat repellent plants include helichrysum, italicum and scaredy cat.

  • 2

    Spread chicken wire in garden

    You can spread chicken wire or soft netting around the plants. Put some stones over the netting to keep it intact. Spread soil over the netting to make it less visible. Now when the cat will try to dig the soil, its claws will be stuck in the wire or netting.

  • 3

    Spray cat repellent on rocks

    You can purchase any cat repellent which are usually not expensive, and spray them on the rocks in your garden. Cats dislike the smell of repellent spray and tend to stay way from that area. Make sure to spray a cat repellent once a week, as it will be washed out when you'll shower water in the garden.

  • 4

    Fix up motion sensor sprinklers

    Cats also fears water. Therefore, you can fix up motion sensor sprinklers to keep them away from your garden. As whenever a cat will enter the garden, water sprinklers will be activated and the cat will run away to never try it again.

  • 5

    Call animal control agencies

    If things are not getting in your control, then simply you can call animal control officer and complain about the cat. They will probably take the cat away from your garden.

  • 6

    Spread citrus peel in garden

    Cats also hate the smell coming from citrus peals. This is another effective way to get rid of cats. Spread the citrus peals around your garden and you will find no cats.

  • 7

    Put a glass bottle in your garden

    Take two or three glass bottles and fill each of them with water. Place them near the plants in your garden. Cats will fear from their reflections and will never come near the plants.

  • 8

    Pepper spray on plants

    Pepper is another most effective way to get rid of cats in your garden. Sprinkle some pepper over the plants as their smell is irritating for cats. They will stay away from your garden.

  • 9

    Buy a Cat trap

    You can buy a cat trap from market and catch that annoying cat. Take the cat away from your territory or hand it over to animal control agencies.

  • 10

    Get a Dog

    If you really want to get rid of cats permanently, then buy a dog. Cat’s greatest enemy and fear is Dog. Once you keep a dog in your garden, cats will not even come near your home.

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