How to Get Rid Of Cellulite Naturally

Cellulite is basically the name given to the formation of dints on the surface of your skin due to the uneven protrusions in the underlying layer of subcutaneous fat. Not only is cellulite unsightly, it is a condition which can affect you at any age due to several reasons.

Unfortunately, treatments for cellulite are often expensive and run the risk of severe side effects if not performed by experienced specialists. However, our guide here is going to help you reduce and get rid of cellulite naturally, without undergoing any surgical treatment.

While we promise you simple and natural methods that guarantee results, in the end, their effectiveness depends on your own effort and hard work.


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    Modify your Diet

    Firstly, you need to work on your diet and modify your eating habits. Find a proper balanced diet plan which does not include foods that add cellulite.

    Foods to avoid include:

    -Foods with hydrogenated or saturated fats
    -Processed foods
    -Sugary foods
    -Dairy products
    -Junk food

    You need to shift to fruits and vegetables which have antioxidants, fiber, minerals and vitamins that play an essential role in balancing your body weight and reducing the amount of stored fat deposits.

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    Eat less but More Frequently

    Overeating is a crime, whether you have cellulite or not. If you are in love with food, you should eat less but more frequently. Instead of taking three meals a day, go for five, but without increasing the total amount of food you eat. This will not only keep your digestive system running, but will also force your body to use up more energy in metabolic processes.

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    Work on Your Extra Body Fat

    Your weight is the total sum of your bones, muscles and fat. While the first two are healthy, your body fat is what you should be working to reduce. Since cellulite is actually the subcutaneous fat, if you can reduce your overall body fat, your cellulite will also reduce.

    This means you need to work on a combination of diet, as explained above, and exercise. In order to burn body fat, you should be opting for aerobic exercises like running, cycling and swimming.

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    Stay Hydrated

    Water is one of the most underrated elements when it comes to fat loss and cellulite reduction. Dehydration is a major trigger for cellulite, and in order to avoid it, you should be drinking at least 8 to 12 glasses of water every day. Natural fruit juices are also a great way to ensure that you remain hydrated, especially during summers.

  • 5

    Target Your Lower Body with Exercise

    Cellulite is most obvious on your lower body, especially on the buttocks, hips, lower abdomen and thighs. When you work out, you should be focusing on these areas with exercises like sit-ups and crunches. Running and swimming, as advised above, are also great exercises to target your lower body.

  • 6

    Try Yoga

    Yoga is a great workout, not only for your body but also your mind. Cellulite reduction is one of its many benefits, as it improves blood circulation, tones your muscles and reduces your body fat.

  • 7

    Go for Long Walks

    If you can find some extra time during your day, you can go for long walks to work your lower body and reduce body fat. However, walking here does not mean a casual stroll. You need to pace steadily so that your heartbeat increases. This will promote the flow of blood throughout your body and increase your metabolism, both of which will work against the stored deposits of fat in your body.

  • 8

    Massage the Affected Areas

    Gently massaging the areas affected by cellulite enhances the blood circulation, which then removes the toxins that may be responsible for the cellulite formation. You can use essential oils like rosemary, juniper or cedar for these massages.

  • 9

    Try Dry Skin Brushing

    Dry skin brushing can also be effective, and is one of the oldest methods to get rid of cellulite. You can stand in front of the mirror and use a soft bristled skin brush (available at most medical stores) to gently rub the affected areas in a circular motion.

    If you do this about twice a week, it will shed the dead skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite significantly.

  • 10

    Drink Coffee to Reduce Cellulite

    Yes, you can reduce cellulite by drinking coffee. Just get fresh coffee beans, peel their skin, grind them into a powder and brew them with warm water before drinking it. This is a natural way to get rid of cellulite and if you continue this for a week, you will see results for yourself.

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