How to Get Rid of Cholesterol Deposits

If you are overweight, have an inactive lifestyle, have got some mighty bad eating habits and have a history of heart diseases in your family then unfortunately you might be at risk of high cholesterol. The problem here is that high cholesterol leads to heart attacks and high blood pressure. Having cholesterol itself is not bad for your body but too much of that will cause problems for you as it blocks your arteries, reducing the flow of blood in the body.

It is best advised that you monitor your cholesterol and if you are on the high end take some precautions to tackle it.


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    The first thing to do is to know where you actually stand as you cannot act without knowing how high your cholesterol actually is. If cholesterol levels are 200 mg/dl or below, then there isn’t much for you to worry about, however, numbers higher than that need to be taken seriously.

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    Before you look for any medication, it is best to turn to the natural methods for reducing cholesterol deposits, and for that it is recommended by many physicians that you eat fatty fish, as they contain omega-3 fatty acids which helps in reducing your cholesterol and ultimately lowers the risk of a heart attack.

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    Eating soy products is advised which includes tofu and miso as it is much better than animal meat when it comes to lowering your cholesterol. It is expected that within six weeks you will be able to lower your cholesterol.

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    Exercise is the next most important thing when it comes to controlling most of your medical problems. It takes only 30 minutes of exercise to help in the process of lowering your cholesterol. For your own benefit begin with some slow exercises and then work your way up.

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    If you hate fruits or consider them an accessory on your dining table then this is the time to bring a change in your belief system as fruits will help you to live a long and prosperous life with low cholesterol.

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    Know the bad fats, as fat is an important part of your diet and you need to avoid only the bad fats which will increase cholesterol. Well, the bad fats are the saturated and trans fats. While saturated fats are found in animals, trans fats are present in commercially processed dairy products. Experts consider trans fats worse than saturated fats and hence their use should be to the minimum.

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