How to Get Rid Of Crickets In The House

Are crickets a sign of good luck for you? If not then you might be thinking of ways to get rid of them. Crickets are small chirping creatures that are of two types which are usually found around your house; one is house cricket, and the other is field cricket. House crickets can be found anywhere in your home where there is moisture or crevices, while field crickets can bring damage to your garden and prove to be a nightmare for all plant lovers. All sorts of crickets have their distinct songs and they can be annoying, especially if you have weak nerves. So no more ears buds and no more plant damage! Just simply try these remedies at your home.


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    Home Made Traps:

    Use some insect traps in the form of mercury lights or cricket food that can attract them in large numbers, and then kill them with an effective pesticide spray that you can buy from a nearby super store. You can also bait them with food that include decaying plants, fungi and mites. You can also allow predators like rats, cats, spiders or lizards attack and feed on them.

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    Use Yellow Lights at your Home Entrance:

    To your surprise, adult crickets are highly attracted to bright mercury lights so there is another easy tip that you should adopt. Use yellow lights instead of fluorescent ones so that they are not attracted to it and gather at the entrance of your house.

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    Seal all the Crevices:

    These nocturnal insects make their hiding places in the crevices of your home. You will find these crevices in the walls, window panels, ceilings or any other sneaky damp site. In order to get rid of them, keep all the holes and crevices sealed by using glue panels.

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    Keep Away the Trash Cans:

    If you are in your kitchen and constantly bothered by their song but cannot find where they are, then look in the trash cans. They are good for crickets' habitat so try to keep the trash cans away from your home.

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    Get Rid of Moisture:

    The house crickets are found where there is moisture, especially in the basement of your house. So reduce the level of moisture to rid yourself of them.

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    Avoid Wood Structures:

    Try to avoid wood structures, especially the ones that have a mite attack, since they feed on mites.

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    Clean your Yards:

    Yards are one of the ideal places where crickets find their food, favorable habitat and shelter.  Keep your yard as clean as possible, and do away with all the weeds and leaf waste, and keep the grass short.

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    If these things are not working for you then you can find a good chemical spray from a nearby super store to kill them. Some options may be Boric Acid, which is known to work well on them. You can also use an organic spray or other sprays meant for cockroaches since they will work well on the crickets. But make sure the chemicals are safe to be sprayed in the house.

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