How to Get Rid of Crows in the Garden

The sound of chirping, melodious birds is relaxing to hear and creates a peaceful environment. But this is not actually true for crows. These large black and smart birds make terrible sound that is irritating to hear especially when they are in groups. Well this is not the end; these crows can turn your garden into a trash can. Their strong beaks are capable of tearing apart trash bags and spill over all that garbage and eat all which is edible. Crows does not restrict themselves to eat from trash only, they love to eat those fresh fruits and vegetables as well which you have grown in your garden. Well you don’t have to give up on them and try some of these useful tricks to get rid of crows in your garden


  • 1

    Keep your garden clean

    Crow usually love to live near food and water sources. Do not place any food stuff or water bucket in your garden as crows rise up early in the morning and start searching for food. Wherever they find it, they’ll get it. They eat almost every thing so keep your garbage bags in closed trash cans and try to keep your garden clean and hence less attractive for crows.

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    Place a scarecrow in garden

    Although, a bit old but very useful way to get rid of crows in garden. Buy a scare crow from any garden store or make one by your self. Fix a long wooden or plastic stick and hang colorful pieces of cloths. Place any round big bowl or small plastic bucket upside down on the top of the stick. Those bright moving and flapping cloths will scare the crows off for sure.

  • 3

    Make noise

    You can make noise yourself by yelling loud and clapping. But for this you have to be more patient and continue doing this for many days. So take an easy way and buy a predator’s recording CD which has sounds of animal that scares the crows. Play that CD several times a day and try to play it at different volumes so that crows may not know about your trick. If your neighbors are disturbed by theses animals’ voices then go for an ultrasonic CD especially made to scare crows. They produce such sounds waves that are not audible by humans but they scare the crows off.

  • 4

    Cover plants with netting chicken wires

    If the crows are stubborn enough and do not stop coming and easting from your garden plants, then simply cover those plants with bird netting. It is very effective and not too costly as well.

  • 5

    Place spikes on walls

    You can also place bird spikes on the area where crows usually roost especially on walls of your garden. These spikes make it hard for crows and other birds to sit on that area.

  • 6

    Hang CDs in garden

    Crows are afraid of shiny moving things so here is a good chance for you to scare those nasty birds away. Hang some old useless CDs on the tree or plants in your garden with the help of a thread. When the Wind will make those CDs to move, their shiny reflection will make the crows to fly away.

  • 7

    Place a plastic owl in garden

    Crows also fear from owls. So you can buy some plastic owl and place it in your garden to scare the crows. However, as the crows are very smart, they will know soon enough that the owl is not real. So, try to change its location every day to trick crows.

  • 8

    Hang aluminium plates

    Shiny aluminum plates will work just as those hanging CD’s. So to make them more effective, you can hang them close to each other so that they strike each other to make noise when ever the wind blows. This will scare the crows more and stop them to come in your garden.

  • 9

    Place stuffed toys in garden

    Placing bright colorful stuffed toys that are large in size will defiantly help to scare the crows. The results will be more effective if the toy is some stuffed animal, like cat of dog.

  • 10

    Call local Audubon society

    You can also simply make a call to your local Audubon society in order to get some help about those noisy crows.

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