How to Get Rid of Diarrhea Quickly

If you are suffering from an uncomfortable situation like Diarrhea, you may think of washroom as no less than a heaven on planet earth. On being stuck in traffic, there is a chance that you dearly miss the time of being pampered in childhood. It may prove to be even more threatening if you are to drop your girl friend at her place and you do not think of any other place but the bathroom seat. Keeping all such situations in view, we can say that having Diarrhea apart from being a health disorder can prove to quite embarrassing at the same time. The spell of loose motions can prove to be disastrous if you are away from home or busy somewhere. Apart from this, Diarrhea may also cause death in children or severe weakness of the body. Hence, it is good to get rid of Diarrhea at the earliest possible.


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    Increase Fluid intake

    Considering that Diarrhea results in loss off water and salts from the body in excess, so a victim should increase the fluid intake. The other reason for increasing fluid intake is that loss of water and body salts can also result in dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Hence, it is advised that if you are suffering from diarrhea, then try taking as much fluids as you possibly can during the day.

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    Banana, Yogurt and Husk mixture

    This is probably the best thing that can provide you instant relief while having diarrhea. Mash a banana in a bowl or plate and add some yogurt in it. Mix the two items together well enough and sprinkle some powdered husk on it. Again blend the mixture with the help of spoon and try eating it at regular intervals. This does not only stop loose motions or bowl movements but also maintains the energy level.

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    What to eat and what not?

    The type of diet you are having matters a lot whenever there is a body disorder. Since Diarrhea has a lot to do with stomach, so it is important that a victim should be rather extra careful about the diet. It is advised that you should try to have items that are easily digestible such as Chicken noodles, crackers and rice instead of having dairy products and greasy, high-fat foods till the time you have fully recovered.

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    Fasting and Resting

    Since Diarrhea is a part of stomach upset so it is advised that, you should try to give your body and stomach some rest. Try to eat less, as excessive eating is not good for Diarrhea. However, if eating less makes you feel lethargic, then it is good to give your body rest by sleeping for at least 8 hours.

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    Visit a Doctor

    If none of the above remedies provide you relief against diarrhea, then you should see a doctor at the earliest. A prolong diarrhea may result in blood in your stools which may prove to be very painful as well as threatening.

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